Casper technology is the better way to protect your iPhone screen. This screen protector is made from extremely high grade materials. It has a crystal clear surface (95% overall clarity) that features an anti-glare feature for a better user experience. To enhance this experience it is layered with a water beaded oleophobic coating for a smooth touch. We tested the Casper glass against the most common 9H glass screen protectors on the market. The results were astonishing, it withstood more twice the amount of impact than the standard screen protector. Say goodbye to small cracks and chips on the sides of your newly installed screen protector, that are often the result of one or two face-first falls. Stop settling for the standard cheep screen protector, upgrade to Casper technology today with Pellicci Phone Repair’s low price and professional install!

iPhone Screen Protector (Casper/Matte)

    • Custom fit - glass screen protector is engineered to fit snugly. Designed meticulously, this screen protector offers a precise fit
    • Smooth, silky feel - the precise fit of the screen protector gives it a very smooth feel, allowing easy navigation of all the new features of the iPhone
    • Scratch & impact protection - the specially designed tempered glass is impact- and scratch-resistant, keeping the phone’s natural screen protected.
    • Smudge resistant - The oil-resistant and long-lasting screen is resistant to smudges, keeping it as clean as possible to improve your viewing experience.
    • Precision touch sensitivity - meticulously tested materials deliver a smooth, premium composition, remarkable touch sensitivity, and high-definition image clarity

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